May 19

416film Penny Saved

We had a plan and have managed to avoid following almost every single step of it.

Eric, Sandy (joining us as cinematographer for the first time) and I wandered out to scout some possible locations for this shoot.

UPDATE: Since scouting this location we have discovered it is now under construction…however, we figure we can work around it and get the shots we need, so fingers crossed and wish us luck!

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Feb 25

Eric and I realized we are not going to be shooting Snuffed in 2012 as we had hoped…so we decided, what the hell, let’s submit this little raunchy nasty script to a couple of feature film screenplay contests.

So far, the news hasn’t been horrible…in fact, considering the subject matter…we seem to be doing ok.

2012 Rising Star Screenplay Competition

2012 Rising Star Screenplay Competition

We received Honourable Mention in a Table Read contest and just yesterday received 1 of 10 Rising Star awards in the Feature Screenplay competition out in Vancouver.

There’s still 3 or 4 more screenplay contests to go so hopefully we find someone who really just loves this thing to bits like we do.

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Feb 14

Let’s see where things stand.

We ( have our pitch in at Bravo Fact to try and offset the costs of potentially shooting It Came From Planet Earth. Come on everybody, fingers crossed that we hear some good news. I think our pitch is solid but one never knows if it is what the fine folks at Bravo Fact! are looking for. We’ll find out March 16 and if it is positive news you can bet I will update the blog with a self congratulatory post. If it’s thumbs down you can bet I will be drunk in the corner commiting seppuku.

Our feature film Snuffed made it through a second round in a script contest and while we received an honourable mention we didn’t take any prizes. I blame everyone around me but myself. But it’s not about the prizes right? It’s about getting the script read…right? RIGHT?

Anyway, I think Eric and I are coming to the realization if we want to see the film as written we will have to raise at least $100,000 ourselves and shoot the film. So if you’re reading this and want to make a donation…just drop me a line! It’s worth it I tells ya…I gotta good feeling about this script.

BTW, we will also take 100 donors of $1000 each. We are not picky.

Our short, Moosejaw McKenzie, may have to wait yet another year for shooting…we want an epic wintery opening sequence and I am not sure if you are local or not, but there hasn’t been a winter yet…and as the post title indicates, it’s bloody February!

And finally, once more, Eric and I will be reconvening on Sunday Feb. 19 to record final narration for Zombie Surfing, shot way back in Fall of 2009. It’s got some funny moments but in no way, shape or form is it three years worth of laughs.

Still, while it appears that we are sitting on our laurels, I will have you know our laurels are up and about and as busy as laurels can be.

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Nov 17

A Life Worth Killing For? Well, that’s on hiatus for now. We were finally doing a film where we were going to have a budget, pay the actors and the stumbling block is locations to shoot. Seriously, wtf? Locations! Sigh.

ICFPE – or It Came From Planet Earth – Well the film has long been sitting there. We did a few tests and never progressed beyond that due to money/crew restrictions. We are going to try going for a grant for the film due in part to some of the success we have seen over the last few years with our shorts.

Moosejaw McKenzie – I hope when the snow comes we can get the few shots we need to move forward with this film over the next year. A pretty weird little movie parody script that’s been like the others, sitting waiting for us to get off our asses.

Zombie Surfing – Watched the rough assembly with a friend the other day and need to put some finishing touches on narration and then, ta-dah, a finished short…sort of. Shot 2009, finished 2011 for a silly 5 minute short seems…unnecessary.

and finally something for Project 10-x10 – A Toronto film club project where I will be directing one of the ten shorts expected to be compiled as a major piece. Knock on wood.

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Oct 10

We finished our latest 416film contest recently, this time a 100 hour from writing to submission.

The task was to incorporate a lollipop as a prop, it needs to feature a button being pressed and the theme was broken. Those last two I think we nailed solidly enough, but we droppped the ball on lollipop including it only one shot and even then it being of no consequences to the plow it probably didn’t help us any.

The filme ended up being loaded up with 1 minute and 30 seconds to spare. It would have been earlier but at the first attempt to render the film, Eric decided it was time to take a break from the computer, and like a sitcom character, pulled the plug from the wall with his foot.

So there was a little panic but we were back on track in no time.

With a 100 hours to do this in we went a little overboard on the effects which makes Erics existence much more painful than mine. I was busy with sound and trying to make an interesting title that took way too long for what it is.

It’s done but we want to re-record some audio and make a few minor tweaks to the final version that we didn’t get a chance to implement.

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