D’fwago is a long story.

A long and almost boring story.

However, since you are here…yes it is an (intentional) mispelling of Fire. There was a Hotel D’Fwago and a Cafe D’fwago but they no longer exist.

A novel was written called Cafe D’Fwago…everyone needs one novel they write and put away and never accomplish anything with. This was mine.

Since 1990 D’Fwago is just a production name I have used, think of it as a silly comforting nickname. This is where I post all my ramblings regarding our behind the scenes work on the films at 416film.com. Why not post them on that site? Well, Eric has the goofy side covered over there and these are my ramblings for now until I finally get a few tech issues cleared up and get him running a wordpress site continually over there which in time will look nicer than what he has…if I ever get off my ass and fix that tech issue, dammit, you see how cyclical this is?

And that is about it for the about page.


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