Jul 10

A weird thing happened the other day.

We had scouted our location for shooting the latest 416film.com short, Penny Saved.

Two weeks before shooting…our location was fenced off and under construction.

This is a problem with being independent and broke. We have no permits, no knowledge and we shoot with what is available.

However, I remember the adage…the show must go on. We had already bumped our shoot dates (had we not, maybe our location wouldn’t be under construction).

So we did whatever we could in this situation. Hopped fences, snuck a Value Village shopping cart over the fences and got all our major exterior hobo sequences shot. Everyone is in pain, bruised, bumped, jostled and yet, very little ego, very little anger and a full shoot day in sweaty weather…

Raiders of the Lost Ark with a Shopping Cart

The following day we wrapped the final opening and exterior scenes with Neil in hobo mode before relocating down to our Hock Shop location cheerfully open and donated by the Hock N’ Shop on Queen Street East (plug, plug).

Friend and first time 416er Stacey Iseman joined the crew and wrapped our shoot weekend within an hour and a half. Hit the marks and hit the lines.
We still have a few scenes to shoot, some effects to do.
So…with our track record…somethin to peruse by 2015.
Call it, done.

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