Jun 22

Normally we just go straight to the internet but we figured we are going to give this short a little run at some of the festivals out there.

I hope to have some good news over the coming weeks regarding this..with each acceptance I’ll update this post.
So if the post isn’t updated you can just imagine how happy I will be…

We will also be drudging up Book Club and Get A Life for a few festivals…so right now it’s just paperwork and dvd burning time.

Update: 2013

You can check out Zombie Surfing here:


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Feb 14

Let’s see where things stand.

We (416film.com) have our pitch in at Bravo Fact to try and offset the costs of potentially shooting It Came From Planet Earth. Come on everybody, fingers crossed that we hear some good news. I think our pitch is solid but one never knows if it is what the fine folks at Bravo Fact! are looking for. We’ll find out March 16 and if it is positive news you can bet I will update the blog with a self congratulatory post. If it’s thumbs down you can bet I will be drunk in the corner commiting seppuku.

Our feature film Snuffed made it through a second round in a script contest and while we received an honourable mention we didn’t take any prizes. I blame everyone around me but myself. But it’s not about the prizes right? It’s about getting the script read…right? RIGHT?

Anyway, I think Eric and I are coming to the realization if we want to see the film as written we will have to raise at least $100,000 ourselves and shoot the film. So if you’re reading this and want to make a donation…just drop me a line! It’s worth it I tells ya…I gotta good feeling about this script.

BTW, we will also take 100 donors of $1000 each. We are not picky.

Our short, Moosejaw McKenzie, may have to wait yet another year for shooting…we want an epic wintery opening sequence and I am not sure if you are local or not, but there hasn’t been a winter yet…and as the post title indicates, it’s bloody February!

And finally, once more, Eric and I will be reconvening on Sunday Feb. 19 to record final narration for Zombie Surfing, shot way back in Fall of 2009. It’s got some funny moments but in no way, shape or form is it three years worth of laughs.

Still, while it appears that we are sitting on our laurels, I will have you know our laurels are up and about and as busy as laurels can be.

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Nov 17

A Life Worth Killing For? Well, that’s on hiatus for now. We were finally doing a film where we were going to have a budget, pay the actors and the stumbling block is locations to shoot. Seriously, wtf? Locations! Sigh.

ICFPE – or It Came From Planet Earth – Well the film has long been sitting there. We did a few tests and never progressed beyond that due to money/crew restrictions. We are going to try going for a grant for the film due in part to some of the success we have seen over the last few years with our shorts.

Moosejaw McKenzie – I hope when the snow comes we can get the few shots we need to move forward with this film over the next year. A pretty weird little movie parody script that’s been like the others, sitting waiting for us to get off our asses.

Zombie Surfing – Watched the rough assembly with a friend the other day and need to put some finishing touches on narration and then, ta-dah, a finished short…sort of. Shot 2009, finished 2011 for a silly 5 minute short seems…unnecessary.

and finally something for Project 10-x10 – A Toronto film club project where I will be directing one of the ten shorts expected to be compiled as a major piece. Knock on wood.

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Jan 24

Gearing up at 416film.com for our latest production…Moosejaw McKenzie.

The script is done, Eric and I went and scouted our opening scene location and did the ol’ Dollarama prop trip. A quickstop over at the equally trusted Canadian Tire and we have the basics for next weekend. It should be a few good shoot dates, we have some returning case members.

Next Saturday is a rehearsal with Neil from Psycho Susie and then on the Sunday we are shooting the big action-packed, comedy-filled, hyperbole-ridden scene. Paul French from Keychain of Events and ‘Egypt Me will also be there.

As always, excitement abounds.

Quick postnote: Zombie Surfing, after more than a year, has seen some solid progress. Final narration and music is the only thing standing in the way now.

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Oct 27
Dino Man From Uranus Short Film Title Card

Well, what were you expecting from there?

Been awhile since I posted anything up here, and that stems from a few things. Actually busy working on a large-ish project but still I should find a little more time to come out here and update, n’est pas?

First…Zombie Surfing is still unfinished a year later (boo!).

Second, Psycho Susie played at the 2010 Barrie Film Festival and was received very well…still went home empty handed but remember, it’s the laughs that matter.

Third, this past weekend went out to Guelph on Friday night (Oct. 15) to contribute to Paul French’s efforts for the Halloween contest at Eds Video. Sadly I didn’t have the full time to help work on the entire production entitled Dino-Man From Uranus. I haven’t seen the final cut but Paul did record a cameo/Rod Serlingish narration with me and I did provide two title cards which you can see off to the left there, but not sure if they made the finished film.

The screening is tomorrow night, and I am betting I won’t be able to make it out to that but hope all goes well and it is received uber-cheerfully.

Good luck Paul!

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